Britain ‘knows little about Bible’

The public is widely ignorant of the stories and people who provide the basis of Christianity, a survey has found, despite 75 per cent of respondents owning a copy of the Bible.

  The National Biblical Literacy Survey found that as few as 10 per cent of people understood the main characters in the Bible and their relevance.

 Figures such as Abraham and Joseph were a source of puzzlement and it was rare to find anyone who could name the Ten Commandments.

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66 Percent of Jews: Our Sovereignty in Jerusalem is Indisputable

( 66 percent of Israeli Jews believe that Jerusalem in its entirety is Israel’s capital and that Israel’s right to build anywhere within the city is undisputable.

27 percent of those polled opposed this position and the rest did not know.

The War and Peace Index poll found that 53 percent of the Jewish public judged the government’s foreign policy favorably, while 33 percent viewed it negatively. A majority among the voters for all parties except Labor and Meretz hold this view.

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The Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles – A Must Watch!!!


The Operation in Gaza – Factual and Legal Aspects

This detailed Paper discusses a range of factual and international legal issues relating to the military operation undertaken by the Israel Defence Forces (“IDF”) in Gaza in December 2008-January 2009 (the “Gaza Operation”).
The Paper has been prepared at this time in order to place the Gaza Operation in its proper factual and legal context…

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Once Saved, Always Saved – The Biblical Evidence

The Bible teaches “once saved, always saved” — that we can be saved once and for all only through a repentant, saving faith in Jesus Christ. Once a person has accepted Christ as Savior, they may wonder if it is possible to lose that salvation. What if they commit a sin? What if they commit a lot of sins? What if they do something very, very wrong? Is it possible to be saved, and then lose that salvation? …

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Are King James Bible believers a cult?

The charge that King James Bible believers are a cult is similar to the charge that they worship the Bible. It is a result of the same frustration and born of the same malice. Sadly, when facts do not prove them right…


Fulfilled Messianic Prophecies (So Far)

Claiming to predict the future is an endeavor that almost no “religious text” other than the Bible will attempt. The obvious reason is the writers or “gods” behind these texts have no power to know the future. These texts [Koran, Book of Mormon, Book of the Dead, etc.] make great claims and supposedly reveal great truths, but they contain no prophecy unique to them to establish these “truths.” The Holy Bible, however, does not suffer from these weaknesses. It flawlessly and accurately predicts future events hundreds of times without failure. Fulfilled prophecy is one of the major proofs that the Bible is [not contains] the very words of the Living God: the creator of all things and the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ and all who believe on Him. When the Lord writes a book He places traits and proofs among His words that no man or devil can duplicate…