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Throughout history, GOD has given every individual a chance to accept HIS eternal plan of salvation. Sadly, many people have rejected it and so will suffer forever…

Download: Lesson_01_Salvation


Once an individual has settled the question of salvation as the Bible declares it “by grace through faith In Jesus Christ” it is imperative that he understands how that decision has affected his entire life…

Download: Lesson_02_Eternal_Security


Virtually every religious denomination in existence teaches some form of baptism as part of their doctrine, and the diversities in their teachings are wide. This lesson is intended to give the Bible’s clear and definitive teaching on the subject so the individual understands perfectly what GOD’s intention is regarding baptism…

Download: Lesson_03_Baptism


The day you received the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, the Holy Spirit of God took up permanent residency inside your body. This third person of the trinity is perhaps the most misunderstood and ignored part of a Christian’s relationship with God…

Download: Lesson_04_The_Holy_Spirit


One thing that separates Christianity from any “religion” in the world is its claim to an absolute written authority from God. Having the Word of God is essential to a Christian’s growth in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. The standards by which a Christian is to govern his life in every detail are found in the pages of the Word of God, The Authorized Version, commonly known as the KJV Bible…

Download: Lesson_05_The_Word_of_GOD


Someone once said that a Christian is only as strong as his prayer life. There is a great deal of truth in this because prayer is simply your direct communication to God. When you read the Bible. God speaks to you and when you pray; you speak to GOD. Your personal relationship with THE LORD JESUS CHRIST cannot grow without proper communication…

Download: Lesson_06_Prayer


A famous preacher once said that a successful man is a man who finds out what God wants him to accomplish with his life and then fulfills it. That is a very profound statement. The true measure of a man’s success is not his social status or bank account, or his influence and fame. It is simply in doing what God wants him to do…

Download: Lesson_07_The_Will_of_GOD


God has established three major institutions on this earth: the family, civil government, and the local church. It is the local church, which has been commissioned by God to carry out His purpose in training the believer to reach the lost and encouraging the saved. Therefore, God’s plan for a Christian will always be fulfilled in and through the local church.
The purpose of this lesson is to impress upon the individual the central role, which the church should play in his everyday life…

Download: Lesson_08_The_Local_Church


As we learned in lesson one, when you got saved, you moved from the devil’s family to God’s family. Spiritually, you now have a new family with many brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ..
We saw how the church is the body of CHRIST in the previous lesson, and in this lesson, we will study the special relationship, which you now have with your spiritual family. This lesson is designed to give the individual a clear understanding of how the body of Christ operates as a family unit…

Download: Lesson_09_Other_Christians


Giving is an extremely controversial subject in Christianity today largely due to the severe pressures exerted on God’s people to give to so many worthy causes. This is perhaps one of the most misunderstood subjects in Christianity.
Before you can properly understand the nature of New Testament giving, you must understand one fact clearly: God does not need your money. He owns everything…

Download: Lesson_10_Giving


One of the greatest temptations we face as Christians in America is the tremendous materialism in our culture. We are geared to think that success is measured by the abundance of our material wealth and the amount of our possessions, when in reality, a man’s success is measured by fulfilling GOD’s plan for his life as we saw in a previous lesson.
The Bible has a great deal to say about our attitudes toward physical possessions. The object of this lesson is to determine how GOD would have us deal with this matter in light of biblical principles…

Download: Lesson_11_Money_and_Possessions


A well-known preacher once said that when a saved person begins to battle sin in his own life, he enters a combat so intense it makes World War II took like a Sunday School picnic. This truth is not evident to a young Christian; but as you grow, you will realize further the intensity of the struggle…

Download: Lesson_12_dealing_with_sin


The New Testament is very clear that as saved people we are no longer bound by any law to please God, but we are under His grace. Many people, however, take this freedom as an opportunity to sin, thinking they are free to do as they wish.
The purpose of this lesson is to help the individual understand just what his liberties are, and what his parameters are in his life as a child of God…

Download: Lesson_13_Liberty_in_CHRIST


Since the Bible is the final authority in everything you will ever encounter in life, it is no surprise that it has a great deal to say about how you are to conduct yourself on your job. We spend about one-fourth of our adult life on the job, and it is essential to your growth to learn how the Lord Jesus Christ would have you look at this area of responsibility. If you intend to be an effective servant of God, you must do so with all your life and not just three-fourths of it…

Download: Lesson_14_My_Job_&_My_Employer


The Bible is very clear that the present world system is contrary to God’s eternal purpose. The Word of God commands His children to be separate from this world system, yet at the same time, to reach lost men and women who live in it for Jesus Christ.
This lesson is designed to show Christians how to live a balanced and consistent life in order to influence people for the Lord Jesus Christ, without the world influencing them for evil…

Download: Lesson_15_Lost_World


The Christian life is a series of unpredictable truths. The Bible says God’s ways are not our ways because man looks on outward physical matters, while God looks at the heart attitude and operates in the spiritual realm. If you are going to serve God effectively, you must take your focus off of physical matters and concentrate on the spiritual. Your life will only make sense and have purpose and meaning as you live in the spiritual realm, focused on eternal matters rather than living in the physical realm, focused on temporal matters. II Corinthians 4:18.
This lesson is designed to keep your focus on these eternal matters by explaining your final accountability is to the LORD JESUS CHRIST as HIS servant…

Download: Lesson_16_judgment_seat_of_CHRIST


”What is the importance of the LORD’s Supper in my life”
One of the ordinances that God has instructed us to keep is that of the Lord’s Supper. The Lord’s Supper signifies many spiritual truths that apply to us as Christians today. Although it does not play a part in our salvation, its importance is to act as a memorial of the death of

Download: Lesson_17_The_Lord’s_Supper


In order for you to get saved someone had to take the time and make the sacrifice to bring the Gospel to you.
This lesson defines your responsibility to take that same Gospel to the Lost World around you so others may be saved…

Download: Lesson_18_personal_evangelism


There is no shortage of Biblical materials in our Western World. Bibles, books, tapes, tracts, and the like are found in plentiful supply. If there is a missing ingredient it is the process of biblical Discipleship. i.e…A loving caring, selfless Christian who is committed to teach another
” All things whatsoever I command you.”…

Download: Lesson_19_Discipleship


Missions is the heartbeat of GOD. Without missions there would be no redemption for mankind; man would be lost and undone. Without missions there would be no local church. It is the responsibility of the church and the individual believer to further the Kingdom of GOD through Missions…

Download: Lesson_20_Missions


Fulfilled Messianic Prophecies (So Far)

Claiming to predict the future is an endeavor that almost no “religious text” other than the Bible will attempt. The obvious reason is the writers or “gods” behind these texts have no power to know the future. These texts [Koran, Book of Mormon, Book of the Dead, etc.] make great claims and supposedly reveal great truths, but they contain no prophecy unique to them to establish these “truths.” The Holy Bible, however, does not suffer from these weaknesses. It flawlessly and accurately predicts future events hundreds of times without failure. Fulfilled prophecy is one of the major proofs that the Bible is [not contains] the very words of the Living God: the creator of all things and the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ and all who believe on Him. When the Lord writes a book He places traits and proofs among His words that no man or devil can duplicate…


The King James Controversy: A Biblical View


“The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.” -Psalm 12:6,7

Of late there I’ve been an onslaught of material published concerning the issue of which translation is best, or which one is the inerrant word of God. Of the two camps (one camp supporting modern translations, the other supporting the King James Bible), two things are abundantly clear…

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